Jul 01

Kiwi Fruit


Hayward GREEN Kiwifruit is The most common variety identified all over the world. Its skin is brown and hairy with a shape like an egg. The inside  green body includs a white core and tiny, black seeds. Ario GREEN Kiwifruit energizing taste is mixed of sweet and sour, suggestive of melons, strawberries and also with its own singular taste .

Annual Production in Iran : About  200,000 MT
Main Production Areas: Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan

Varieties : Hayward
Skin Color : Golden Brown
Inside Color : Green
Taste : Sweet  & Sour
 Season: October  to Jun


Recommended Transit Temperature : 0 C
Desired Transit Humidity percent: 90 to 95

Tray : 3.3 Kg (GW), 3 Kg (NW) : 24 Pcs,  27 PCs , 30 PCs, 33 PCs , 36 Pcs

Crate : 4 Kg  / 10 Kg