Jul 01

Granny Smith Apple


Granny Smith apples are special for the balanced tastes of sweetness and sourness and were first discovered by Maria Ann Smith in Australia. These apples have a distinguishable bright-green color and stay fresh during the transportation. Also, because of their thick skin, Granny Smith apples can be stored in cold storage for about six months. Considering its special taste, these apples are mostly used in desserts, pies and for making a unique sauce.

Annual Production in Iran : About 100,000 MT
Main Production Areas:  Alborz, Tehran, Zanjan,  Provinces

Varieties : Granny Smith
Skin Color : Complete Green
Inside Color : White
Taste : Sweet & Sour
Season: October to March

Recommended transit Temperature : (-1) to 4 C
Desired Transit Humidity Percent: 90 to 95       



10 Kg (GW), 9 Kg (NW) : 33 PCs , 44 PCs, 50 PCs
18 Kg (GW), 17Kg (NW): 66 PCs, 88 PCs, 100 PCs
21 Kg (GW), 20Kg (NW):113 PCs, 125PCs, 150 PCs